Thursday, September 24, 2009

Would life in a totalitarian state really be so bad?

Would a totalitarian state really be all that bad? Here's an interesting teaching idea for Constitution Week.
     Just download our analysis of this issue from the study in our KBN library of free books which explores the possibly underconsidered advantages of some totalitarian states under the title What If Dogs Ran The World? You'll find it in the picture book section.
     First, let your students read this book and enjoy some of its doggone interesting ideas.
    Next invite your class to look more closely at each proposition in the book – such as that all children with freckles would be named Spot – and ask them to identify which article in the U.S. Constitution might prohibit such a harsh mandate, and why.
     They'll probably learn a lot more about the Constitution and its principles than any other way and have a lot more reading fun, too!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You know, once the new bulletin boards are up the rest looks almost possible.

With the new bulletin boards up, the books back out of their wrapping and boxes and neatly organized by categories in their easily-browsed baskets – science, exploration, art, history, – some favorite posters back up, and the special chair stenciled with the title Author's Chair in its place of honor, Mrs. Uncle Henry's classroom now looks almost ready to take on a new class of 35 students.
      How's it going with you?
      While many teachers are in administrative and planning meetings this week as schools prepare to open their doors after Labor Day, KBN is prepping, too. We're looking for any problem that our site subscribers might encounter with our website, based on the wide diversity of computer platforms and search engines they might be using.
      One problem we've found seems to be registering on the KBN site if you've got a spamblocker on your e-mail. A spamblocker may not let your registration confirmation note from KBN to reach your mailbox.
      To solve that problem just tell your spamblocker to admit any e-mail from Then try your registration again.
      You'll be a KBN registered user, with full access to the free KBN books library, in minutes.
      Problem solved.
      As far as getting those new bulletin boards up, sorry. We'd like to help you there, too, but you're on your own.