Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remember, March 17 is now an official KBN national holiday for 3 million American teachers.

     That's because this year, once again, all any teacher has to do on March 17 is (a) wear green socks to school, (b) go to the KBN website, and (c) click on KBN's landmark sociological study of Irish immigration to America Why We Wear Green On St. Patrick's Day.
    That's it.
    No special site registration, nothing else required.

    Let KBN do all the work.
    You can just kick back and project this special book for everyone to read – with pages turning – right up on your classroom wall.
    Bookcasting is an instructional advantage like nothing else today. It automatically assists both teaching and learning – with everyone reading on the same page and everyone reading together.
    You can also download a complete, comprehensive 18-page Why We Wear Green lesson plan featuring two one-hour instructional sessions.
    Your students will learn about Irish history through the lesson plan's photographs, maps and illustrations. And they will learn, as well, that all people have faced rejection, and all people rise up from mistreatment through self-affirmation and celebration.
     Using conceptual framing – with forms and teaching samples provided – students will also develop an appreciation of who they are themselves, and understand that their heritage is to be celebrated.
     On March 17, with KBN there to help, a teacher can pretty much just relax, read, teach, drink lime punch and celebrate.
     Happy St. Patrick's Day!