Friday, October 9, 2009

October is National Vileburgers Month and the fun comes with complete lesson plans!

October is always scary if you're a teacher but if you're worried about something really exciting for your class to read you can stop screaming right now.
     According to Kirkus our new KBN action novel The Vileburgers is something like "City Slickers meets Ghostbusters" with an outcome that's "enjoyably ridiculous."
      Bookwire, on the other hand, describes this heartwarming story of incompetent ghouls as "replete with elements of magic, humor and wit," and categorizes it as a "new Halloween classic ... imaginative adventure ... hilarious cast." We of course appreciate their enthusiasm.

     But there's more – because the movie-style criticism from these reviewers is not entirely accidental. Vileburgers was deliberately written by the author in "scenes" rather than traditional book "chapters," and was written as well in the present tense to add additional immediacy and a certain live quality to the story – just like the experience of sitting in a "movie."
     That also makes it the perfect novel for teachers to use with the literacy development practice known as Readers Theater. So when you locate and download The Vileburgers from its location in the KBN Action Books category you'll also find a very complete series of lesson plans featuring Readers Theater, plus a Bloom's Taxonomy-based book report project and what can only be termed some incalculable fun with Vilemathematics.
     Published by KBN here in three episodes, we hope The Vileburgers adds extra fun to your October!