Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wecome back to the first day of school. Start the new year with a first-day lesson that will power student learning right up to the last day of school.

Welcome back. 
    Here's a fun way both to learn about the special individual interests of your new students as well as to motivate their learning from day one of the new school year.
    Just warm everyone up by reading one of the best books for career inspiration of all time – KBN's classic What You Don't Want To Be When You Grow Up.

Smart career advice
for a smarter future.

You can project the book up on your classroom wall and let everyone enjoy reading it together. But of course, that's what you don't want to be when you grow up. So what do you want to be?
    Invite each student to think fresh this year and come up with a career for their future that would really be sensational. Something they really want to do. Then instruct them to write it down, and illustrate it with a picture so great that everyone else will maybe want the same career, too.
    And when they all get through, invite them to stand up, introduce themselves and tell the rest of the class what they would someday like to do. Discuss the ideas together, and point out what they'll be learning this year to help them take the next steps to their dream. The new math skills. The writing experience. The scientific ideas. The social studies experience. The leadership skills.
    Then, put all of their ideas and illustrations in one book they can look at throughout the year – and watch them get excited all over again, every time, about what they're learning every day. Right up to the last day of school.