Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It isn't just a good idea or luck, it's you.

     Today, on St. Patrick's Day, we wish to thank everyone in our growing teacher community for your help as we work to establish greater awareness of KBN’s free books for children, as well as the availablity of KBN’s new classroom teaching advantages like bookcasting.™
      Luck has nothing to do with it. We simply couldn’t be getting the KBN concept of innovation out there so quickly without your strong support.
      With your help, thousands of teachers across the country today can now use the KBN website to show children the meaning of America’s cultural diversity – and the new classroom power of bookcasting – by projecting and reading Why We Wear Green On St. Patrick’s Day, as well as teaching with the book’s special lesson plan.
      This plan not only reviews Irish history, it provides a practical method for every child, from every cultural and ethnic experience, to gain a new understanding of their own personal values and special cultural heritage – and “to be proud of who they are.”
      Of course it doesn’t really matter exactly who we are on March 17, we all still have to wear our green socks.
      As our KBN teacher community continues to help us reach out to more of their colleagues in education, as well as to more families and children at home, and as they in turn help reach out to others, we at KBN will soon be able to give more time once again to our primary objective – the rapid expansion of our exciting KBN book library.
      We have many fresh, surprising new books for KBN readers now on the way.
      We thought it would be much easier to create a swift awareness of KBN in the halls of education. To the nation’s school districts, at a time of severe budgetary stress, certainly the KBN project is now being received as very welcome news. Through the latest computer technologies, here comes an expanding library of original children’s books, both printable and viewable directly on computer or even by projection, and all for free.
      But getting the word out has not been quite as simple as we all might like.
      The reality is that we still need everyone’s strong and active support – teachers, educational administrators, parents, parent organizations, community organizations, political leaders and children themselves – to tell everyone else that KBN is here.
      With the promise of free books and new ideas for every child in the world.