Monday, May 3, 2010

What to give Mom for Mother's Day.

     With Mother's Day now only a few days away it's time to help your class prepare a special gift for Mom. A card with hand-colored hearts is always nice. Moms can't get enough of those no matter how many they already have filling a shoebox in the back of their dresser drawer. Plus, eighty years from now they can pull them all out and show them to their child who by then will have a shoebox full of cards from his or her own children, who by then will have a shoebox which, well, you get the idea.
     You've got to get out the crayons and make some cards, for sure. But this year, in that card, why don't you try something different and ask all the children in your class to ask and answer a wonderful question. On the outside of the card they can simply write, "Mom, you're the best because ..."
     And then inside they write as many reasons they can think of.
     1. You make pancakes sometimes. 2. You wash my socks even with all of that mud on them. 3. You're really nice to Bowser. 4. Well, you get the idea. We wish we could be there to see what your children come up with. It's always magical.
     But this year why don't you also add in something else Mom will really like, maybe even more.

     This year why don't you have everyone in your class download, print, and form one of KBN's super-easy, one-piece-of-paper microbooks. Then take it home to Mom and read it to her.
     We have a special heart-tugging KBN picture book designed for just that purpose.
    Mom might actually weep, not only to see her child reading with such passion, but because of the book itself.
     I'm So Glad You're My Mom!
     From all of us at KBN to all of you out there with only four days to get ready, Happy Mother's Day.