Saturday, July 3, 2010

Looking back on KBN's amazing Year One.

      Both the Kids' Book Network and the teaching year started last September 1,  and on June 24, 2010, both KBN and our teacher colleagues concluded an amazing year in U.S. education.
     Reflecting on what we've accomplished in Year One, it's clear that we've come a long way in less than ten months.
      First, we introduced the concept and practical possibility of free, self-made books for every child in the world. Picture books, coloring books, adventure books, puzzle books and literary classics. Even one book in eight languages.
      Our original KBN books are witty and fresh books you can download, print and form into classic on-paper, page-turning quality books to read and share with friends and family, at home or in the classroom.
      Next, we introduced the exciting and unique device-free reading technology of live on-screen bookcasting. And suddenly reading is more fun and exciting than ever.
      The Kids' Book Network website has now been identified as an information resource for young readers from Kindergarten through Grade Six by the official California Learning Resource Network. And we're pleased to see that visitors from around the planet have begun to discover KBN – from Australia and Brazil to China and Russia.
      Now, while most U.S. schools are enjoying a well-earned summer vacation, KBN will continue working on even more new surprises for both teachers and young readers in Year Two.
      Including many more fresh and original KBN books. As well as important new ways to make your classroom teaching more effective and easier, too.
      It's really all about the KBN mission.
We want every teacher to succeed, we want every child to read.