Friday, September 10, 2010

Perhaps the best classroom project in 200 years.

     Once again, KBN has made starting out the new school year easier than you ever thought possible.
     September 16 marks the 200th anniversary of Mexican independence, the moment of the historic Grito or corageous shout for independence by Fr. Miguel Hidalgo, and for this very special day KBN is very pleased to bring you a very special project.

    It starts with a special Bicentennial book, El Grito, written and illustrated entirely by the students of Solano Avenue School in Los Angeles. Your whole class can enjoy this book together, projected on screen or viewed directly on any computer monitor in our convenient flashbook bookcasting™ format. We hope that it becomes the first of many student-created book projects KBN will be able feature this year, and that it serves as an interactive inspiration for students everywhere to become exited about writing more books of their own.
     But the project also features a student-filmed video, found on the KBN homepage, of the corrido in El Grito. The corrido – be sure to zoom in on the image – was performed live and sung by its original young authors, on the school campus, along with the famous composer and presidential Medal of Arts winner Lalo Guerrero, who wrote the music. We hope that the hand-held video also inspires your own students creatively – to write and perform more of their own original songs.
     And finally, talk about revolutionary –  our El Grito project includes a comprehensive lesson plan on Fr. Hidalgo, El Grito, and the story of the Mexican Revolution for students at every grade level.
     KBN and teachers. It's going to be an exciting new year.